Wednesday, November 24, 2021

I received the below from a constituent and she has asked me to share it . I have no doubt that there will be some views in the other direction but if you agree with the below you can sign the petition by clicking on the link. ...

 Subject: Controlled Parking Zones Gorgie and Gorgie North

Dear David

I was notified last Thursday (11th) that the council are planning to create CPZs in my area restricting parking between 8.30 to 5.30 Monday to Friday and requiring residents to purchase permits to park on the street. Unfortunately myself and my neighbours were only advised of these proposals after the local meetings were held (the last one being on the 7th), which is not helpful of the council and could be seen as a reason to not encourage participation. I strongly object to the proposals for the following reasons:

1.  We do not have an issue with parking in this area (certainly not on my street) apart from when a game is on at Tynecastle or Murrayfield, which these restrictions will not help. Plus games are not very often.
2. Introducing parking bays will limit the number of parking spaces on the street so fewer cars can park there. 
3. In a time where costs are going up, it adds additional pressure to household finances. As a new to be single mum I will find this an additional pressure.
4.  There are no benefits here to residents, it is a money making scheme for the council.
5. Using Green credentials as a reason is not fair. Many of us do use public transport as much as we can but unfortunately need a car to transport elderly, young or to travel to places where public transport is minimal. For example my family live in a remote part of the highlands and I can only get there by car. 

I’ve highlighted this on the Nextdoor app and I’ve started a petition against the proposals. We only have until the 5th December to raise any objections, which hasn’t given much time. 

As my local councillor I would appreciate if you could share this petition for those who wish to object and advise how people can raise any objections to the council. I appreciate that some will be for the changes, however it is only fair that those of us who don’t have a fair chance to object and raise awareness of this, so the changes are fairly considered and not introduced my stealth. The link is below.