Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just back from the demolition of Broomview House It was dramatic in more than one sense of the word! There were tears and cheers. Some applauded with genuine delight and some clapped politely but with a look of sadness on their faces. I never stayed there and have only represented the area for a couple of years now so I would not try to guess what people were thinking. One long standing resident on the way to the viewing area said that although this could be a step towards something much better going in in its place you had to remember what a great thing it had been when it had first been built. He added that there had never been anything wrong with he building but some of the people who had been put in it that had caused the problems. Another resident joined in saying the most of the flats were kept clean and tidy and the concierges had always done a good job with the communal areas. Certainly I was in Broomview House many times as part of my election campaign and afterwards to visit constituents and the people I spoke to were friendly, decent people. At anyrate there is clearly a good community here and everyone needs to try to ensure that these people have a say in what goes in in place of the skyscraper. Perhaps we have just moved on in society so that the high rise or that kind of communal living doesn't work anymore. It is true that the same social problems such as anti social behaviour are present in many tenement stairs. I find myself sad for the loss of the good (a bit like a funeral), glad at the loss of the bad and also hopeful that with community involvement we can put something good there in its place. in any event it was a momentous occasion.