Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Big Night for the Gorgie Dalry Community Association

This is something of a plug, but a justifiable one I think! The Gorgie Dalry Community Association have organised a Dolly Parton / Kenny Rodgers Tribute Night to raise funds after the closure of their McLeod Street centre which is in need of major renovation. It is on Friday 1st Feb. @ 7.30 till late. The venue is the Gorgie Suite, Hearts Football Club, Tynecastle Stadium. Tickets are £10. Phone me on 0131 529 4000 or email - donald.wilson@edinburgh.gov.uk just to let me know you are coming so we can put the tickets aside for you at the door.
the Gorgie Dalry Community Association ran a full program of sports and events at the centre at a cost that was affordable for local people. Though some of the activities have been transferred to other centres this is a facility the area cannot afford to loose! So whether you are a Dolly Parton / Kenny Rodgers fan or not please come along and support the Gorgie Dalry community.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

See what is happening in the Lord Provost's office at www.edinburgh.gov.uk/blog/lordprovostsblog  . I will be concentrating on the other blog now so I won't be making many posts in this one. My feeling would be to make this one more local to my ward and with the other concentrate on the Lord Provosts role city wide.
While I am here then it is worth mentioning that the Christmas Lights Switch On Ceremony in Gorgie Dalry went very well this year. fellow Councillor Eric Milligan counted us down and long standing hard working local resident Sonja Squires pressed the button. This was preceded the weekend before by the Gorgie War Memorial Hall Festive Party. There was a clear resemblance between Councillor Fullerton and the Pixie helper but some have also said that there is a likeness between me and Santa ! I couldn't possibly comment.