Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Time Time Time!

Never enough time. So what's new? Quite a lot.

A strange but interesting couple of weeks. First two weeks back at the school of course (not counting the in-service days the week before). Easy to forget how mentally demanding teaching is. My results were as expected (couple of exceptions in both directions) so I am generally pleased about that .

Now that I have replaced Ian Murray on the Police Board I have been taking the opportunity to observe a variety of activities including firearms training last week. That was the 'strange' one. Interesting though. Very clever intelligent headphones that are capable of deadening only the loud bangs of the guns but allowing you to hear even a whisper from the person next to you. How does that work? Very impressive score on the targets.

On a happy note it was the official celebration of the saving of the Gorgie War Memorial Hall last Saturday. Grant Stott said a few words and introduced me and I in turn introduced Sarah Boyack MSP.

There were three purposes to the event-

1. To celebrate the saving of the Hall. It was a marvelous campaign involving a petition , Facebook, the Internet, deputations and yes, even T shirts! Support for the Campaign came from everyone from the British Legion to (most importantly ) the community. These proposals should never been brought forward in the first place. The campaigners won by pointing out the truth. The truth that community space in Tynecastle was too small to accommodate the activities of the Hall (not to mention the safe outdoor green area). The truth that it is a War Memorial and it neither could be nor should be moved , it is already in the right place , the heart of the community with everyone from children to the elderly meeting around it. The truth that it has survived for 128 years since Gorgie was a village and laterally adopted by the Council to be held in trust for generations to come. I could go on! What on earth was the Lib. dem. / SNP Council thinking?
2. To make sure people know that it has been saved.
3. To encourage local people to get involved. We (I have joined the Management Committee) are particularly looking for anyone with time to spare and financial expertise. Although saved in the short term (16 months) the Hall has to develop the ability to run itself over this time. All help would be great.
Attendance at the event was excellent including stalls from the local Police and groups such as 'Health Help for All'. We even got the weather and were able to use the aforementioned safe green outdoor space.