Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It just gets worse. Now a second fire at the British Heart Foundation exactly a week after the Balmoral Bar. Three injured firefighters but thankfully no fatalities. The funeral is tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd) for Ewan Williamson - the firefighter who was killed at the Balmoral fire trying to save others trapped in the fire. A true hero then. What a tragedy. There is to be a dignified procession starting at 12.30pm from Tollcross fire station via George IV Bridge and heading down the Royal Mile to St Giles where a memorial service will be held. I for one will certainly be lining the route and I'm sure others will wish to do so.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I got back from my holidays this weekend only to find there had been a really bad fire in Dalry Rd. at the Balmoral Bar. The message on my answering machine says a firefighter has been killed and another seriously injured. All the other occupants of the tenement appear to have been rehoused in B & B or staying with friends and relatives for the moment. Hoping to get the full details tomorrow but for know my thoughts are with the family of the deceased and the family of the person in hospital.

Everything else seems to pale in importance after that but to return to trivia, my holiday had its ups and downs. We had planned carefully to visit Dublin and at the same time go to the Bruce Springsteen concert. Yes, I'm a life long fan. I don't just like the music, I like the person. His politics and his down to earth unpretentious attitude. Sadly the company we bought the tickets from on the Internet turned out, as far as we can tell, not to exist! Their ticket lines rung dead and they didn't answer our emails. I Googled them and it seems lots of other people had the same problem. At any rate the tickets never arrived and the event is past. Needless to say I will not be leaving it there. The moral is to go for well known established names if you are booking tickets for events. Luckily I logged on to Ticketmaster and got us tickets for the Hampden concert instead so all was well that ended well. We had a nice city break in Dublin and still saw the Concert in Glasgow.
See below the songs he played.

He was on stage bouncing around for five mins. short of three hours! It was fantastic. I nearly went to see him 30 years ago in Minneapolis / St Paul - but didn't. I have regretted it ever since - till now. The below gives you a flavour ...my own personal favourite 'Born to Run' (not shot by me - I found this on You Tube).