Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Big Night for the Gorgie Dalry Community Association

This is something of a plug, but a justifiable one I think! The Gorgie Dalry Community Association have organised a Dolly Parton / Kenny Rodgers Tribute Night to raise funds after the closure of their McLeod Street centre which is in need of major renovation. It is on Friday 1st Feb. @ 7.30 till late. The venue is the Gorgie Suite, Hearts Football Club, Tynecastle Stadium. Tickets are £10. Phone me on 0131 529 4000 or email - donald.wilson@edinburgh.gov.uk just to let me know you are coming so we can put the tickets aside for you at the door.
the Gorgie Dalry Community Association ran a full program of sports and events at the centre at a cost that was affordable for local people. Though some of the activities have been transferred to other centres this is a facility the area cannot afford to loose! So whether you are a Dolly Parton / Kenny Rodgers fan or not please come along and support the Gorgie Dalry community.