Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Royal Company of Archers Shoot for the Edinburgh Arrow.

The The Royal Company of Archers Shoot for the Edinburgh Arrow. This shoot goes back at least to 1709 when the Town Council presented the Edinburgh (Silver) Arrow to the Royal Company of Archers. It is recorded however that the first silver arrow was shot for in 1665 so the competition had been around for a lot longer. The event is a colourful and historic one. After the shoot the Lord Provost presents the arrow to the winner who puts it in his belt. After this there is a ceremonial procession to the Archers Hall in Buccleuch Street where a salute is taken. I remember this event from my childhood in Selkirk so it has a special meaning for me. It was always a big day in the town with large crowds turning out to see the spectacle.

It always strikes me that lots of people would enjoy this event and many like it in Edinburgh if only they knew it was on!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Civic Calendar

I'm trying something new here. For some time I have thought that what we need is a calendar of civic events that citizens can attend or may be interested in knowing was on. Many events, particularly ceremonial are popular with visitors and passers by who happen to be there but would be liked by citizens if they knew they were happening. It is only a selection of things I have in my own diary so it is not intended to be comprehensive. Rather it is some of the things I have coming up that you may be interested in. Also this isn't a Council site so it is all my own work and will depend on me getting time to put things in (which may not be that often).