Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas is here!

The celebrations have started all over the ward so it must be officially Christmas. The impression is helped by the fact that there is at least a foot of snow outside - and still falling! Gorgie Dalry has been particularly well organised this year putting up a special Christmas what's on, courtesy of The GD and Pol Steele who runs it. Communications in the area have not been this good since the days of the sadly lamented Gorgie Dalry Gazette (who had there funding pulled by the Lib Dem / SNP Council Administration four years ago). Pol has made a huge difference to the area from the successful campaign to save the Gorgie War Memorial Hall to the thus far equally successful campaign to keep the Dalry Swim Centre open. The online campaigns have been vital and is know looking like an exciting development as it goes from strength to strength. Long may it continue.

For my own part I will be donning a well known disguise on Saturday for the party at the Gorgie Mem. and then compering at the Christmas Lights Switch on Ceremony on the Sunday (5th Dec.) . Big surprise for Hearts fans at the switch on ceremony (?).

Check out the The GD website for details...