Friday, October 01, 2010

Pleasant visit.
Volunteered to do a Bailie duty last week which is worthy of note. I was visiting Jeanette Brown who is 107. She is in a care home in my ward so it was all the more significant that I was able to stand in for the Lord Provost and attend. It was something I will always remember. How pleased she was to see me and how much she obviously enjoyed my visit was humbling. To be able to do something like that for someone else makes it all worthwhile. I will remember little things like, when I was putting my Bailie chain back on, having let her try it on as she said she had enjoyed trying on the LPs a few years previously, she lent forward and buttoned my jacket and adjusted it to get it just right (that is what my mother whom I recently lost would have done). She said she thought I looked good in the photos we took! Still looking after others at 107! I gave her a small civic gift but she was just as delighted with the LPs paper carrier bag that it came in , saying 'Do you want this back ? ' 'I said of course not! ' and she clutched it tightly and she said 'Good , you can't have it back it's mine!' . She was lovely to talk to and amazing for 107. She likes the home she is in . The care staff clearly make a fuss of her and she deserves it. The staff were excellent. By way of philosophy she said she would like to have her whole life to live again , wouldn't change a thing but just would like to live it over again. She said the secret of long life was a not a secret but just to be happy and contented.