Sunday, December 09, 2007

I never seem to get time to do this, post an entry that is . Time time time. As Christmas gets closer I get busier - happens every year. Same for everyone I know. I love Christmas though and really look forward to it. Some of the things that make me busy are a a joy as well of course like the Gorgie Dalry Christmas Lights Switch On tonight. I love the carol singing and the Christmas spirit. Its at Gorgie City Farm on Gorgie Road at 6pm if anyone wants to come along. There is a children's party beforehand in the Tynecastle Community Association centre in Mcleod Street then everyone comes along in a group for the switch on ceremony. The actual switching on of the lights this year is being done by Ian Waugh of Forth 1.

There is a cloud of course in the form of the terrible murder which occurred in the Ward last week. Terrible not just because of the nature of the crime itself but the effect it will no doubt have on residents and perceptions of the area. All I can say from personal experience is that since becoming a Councillor for the Ward in May I have met hundreds of residents in the vicinity and found them all - without exception to be genuine, good, friendly people. Not saying everyone is like that of course but I've met enough now to know there must be a good number. A terrible thing.