Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This has to be a record - I had a feeling I had been at meetings every night for a while but I've just checked back three and a half weeks and it's true - a meeting every night (also two out of three Sundays). Before anyone gets the violins out I should add that I am thoroughly enjoying it. The geographic area of the new ward is vast but it is good to get out and meet different groups and people. There is a sense of foreboding out there though after last months drastic cuts were pushed through being directed as they were at the voluntary sector, the elderly, people on low incomes and the vulnerable in general. The Gorgie Dalry Partnership, for example has received a letter stating that its funding will be reduced by £2000 in this financial year. When the total budget is just over £20,000 this represents a serious blow to the viability of the organisation. Areas like Gorgie Dalry, Sighthill, Wester Hailes, Broomhouse etc are all bracing themselves for the impact of the cuts to be felt - and it will be! See the report that went to the Council by clicking here. Of course the SNP / Lib Dem 'Coalition' will claim that it is all our fault for running up an overspend but the fact is that whatever its size or its cause these cuts are the choice of the current administration and we have put forward alternative measures which would not have impacted on front line services the way that their measures do.