Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well what a morning! Excellent weather and excellent response on Gorgie Rd.. Makes you wonder who they ask for these opinion polls? Not everyone supporting us of course but a good spread of supporters, 'not interested's and very few against. Not a single person stated they were voting SNP which seems strange given that you would think that their confidence levels would be high and therefore they would be pleased to tell you. They were there of course, further up the road and I must admit to some satisfaction that as we were walking past them a young woman had engaged them loudly and aggressively on something to do with money. I couldn't quite make it out but she was clearly not a supporter.

It was all very polite though - which is as it should be among everyone engaged in the process of democracy. None of us are bad people we just don't agree on many things. Pretty fundamental things though, such as the breaking up of the UK which surely everyone must know is the central policy of the SNP however hard they try to distract us with other things. A referendum - this is just a ploy to let people flirt with the idea but then change their minds later! Voting SNP is voting for independence and it would be a lot more honest if they would admit to it instead of trying to separate themselves from it. Without independence the SNP is nothing and hopefully more and more people will realise this between now and the election.