Sunday, April 01, 2007

Another weekend closer to the elections (3rd May). The stall was on Dalry Rd. on Saturday. The Sun was out and the temperature is begining to rise - in more ways than one! Outside Somerfield (left) was a good few degrees below Gorgie Rd. (right). The reception is always friendly. I never fail to be warmed at the busy vibrant feeling of genuine community that you get on Gorgie Dalry Rd. especially on a Saturday morning. I love it and have always been proud to be a part of it.

Still need to attend to other things though like on Tuesday we had the last Executive. It was six hours long with over seventy reports! Rumour has it that this was nothing compared to the Licensing Board on Friday which ran from 10am to 6.30. People trying to get things through before the uncertainty of May.

A major event for me next week however will be the Edinburgh Medal and address by Dr Richard Horton tomorrow evening (Monday). As the Chair of the Edinburgh International Science Festival I am saying a few words at the reception afterwards. I presented the Medal last year in the Hub to Professor James Lovelock who gave a very emotive and topical address on global warming. He concluded somewhat depressingly at the end that it was too late for renewable energy such as wind power and the only thing which would have a noticeable impact would be nuclear power. I think this is substituting one problem for another. I am a passionate believer in renewable energy and recycling (I drive a Toyota Prius hybrid electric car and was responsible for bringing forward a report to the Council enabling us to put micro generating turbines and waterwheels at a variety of Council owned locations). I am certainly looking forward to this years address!