Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Donald and Carmel for Sighthill Gorgie

Donald Wilson and Carmel Smith selected to run for Sighthill Gorgie.

Donald says “Having lived in the area most of my adult life I have seen many changes but the community spirit continues to be strong. I have worked hard with individuals, local organisations, community groups and charities to get things done. In addition to my work as Lord Provost I have continued to hold regular surgeries and championed local issues such as a surface crossing for Calder Rd. and saving community centers like St Brides and the Gorgie War Memorial Hall. I joined the Council in 1999 first and foremost to fight for my local area and I have always done that.families can flourish in a fairer more equal city.”

Carmel says “Labour have always been the champions of working class people and the less fortunate in our society. We’ve always stood for improving education, employment and equality; and for helping the less able members of our society. I will work with local people to build safe, strong communities where 

Ways to get in touch

    0131  667 8538


    donald.wilson@donald1.com


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