Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Libraries under threat!

There is a questionnaire underway by the Council Administration (SNP/Lib.Dem) to try to cut the hours of Libraries. particularly for Sighthill Gorgie (my Ward) it is proposed to cut the hours of Fountainbridge and Sighthill. They have decided they need to make £550,000 of cuts in the library services and they are 'consulting' on options (Only one option proposed though and whats more you receive a threat of if you don't agree - where do you think the cuts should be make! That old trick, expecting the average citizen to make the cuts themselves. They still have not realised that they are the Administration and are supposed to come up with proposals.). It is too easy for them to hit the libraries as they clearly do not understand how vital they are, particularly in this economic climate and particularly in areas in need of regeneration like Sighthill. People there have been worried about the future of the library and the community centre as a result of the North Sighthill redevelopment.  It would appear they were right to be concerned. The consultation lasts till 30th Jan. so I would urge all community activists and representatives to respond.
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