Friday, September 16, 2011

The Calders Community Garden Open Day

Just back from The Calders Community Garden Open Day/Fun Day. The weather was OK but the event was tremendous! Dedicated enthusiastic people making a difference to the area, the environment and their own fitness!

Constructing boxes for bees to lay their eggs in for next year ( I have to say I didn't make this box even though I'm holding it!).

As I was being shown round by Joyce from the Wester Hailes Health Agency I was struck with how worthwhile all this activity was however in spite of real partnership working with, for example BCTV, the LPT, the Woodland Trust and the Waterways Trust, funding remains a problem.
The main activity is the 'Green Gym' who walk along from the Health Agency (as a warm up ) and then spend three hours working on the garden. To join in or find out more go to - and click on 'Garden Project & Green Gyms'. Aternatively phone David or Joyce 0131 458 3080

After the 26th September you can show your support for the Green Gym by voting for them to get funding from the RBS Community Force initiative. You can either click on the link below -

or phone 0800 2100 246

NB The vote doesn't start till the 26th Sept. and ends on 23rd Oct. @ 12 noon.

Obviously this would be a fantastic and welcome boost for the project.