Saturday, July 02, 2011

Sighthill Bowling Club does it again !

This morning I launched the Home International Bowling Championships at Sighthill Bowling Club. This is the second time this event , which is the most important in the UK Bowling calendar has come to Sighthill. The last time was four years ago (it only takes place every four years ) and I was told it was the quality of the greens and the tremendous way the Club had organised it the last time that had attracted the event back.
For me to go along and open it as a Bailie but also as a local Councillor was a source of great pride. The opening ceremony was tremendous. A feast of colour with all the teams in national strips. The teams of Scotland, England Ireland and Wales all processed onto one of the greens , followed by the umpires and lastly ourselves who stood in the middle to deliver our speeches. It brought tears to the eyes of seasoned bowling veterans. It was quite a spectacle and no one could fail to be impressed. When the games started the pace was fast and exciting with many going on simultaneously as two countries battled it out on each of the two greens.  It is on again tomorrow (3rd July) and whether bowling is your sport or not I would recommend it as a fun filled day in the beautiful sunshine. What a tremendous thing for the Club and the area!