Monday, May 02, 2011

Personalities and Elections

I always get disappointed when elections seem to come down to personalities. The media encourages this as it enhances the viewing figures. Surely people can see through the hollow but emotive words of Alex Salmond, waxing lyrical on impossible promises having failed miserably to fulfil most of the old ones. Police numbers, class sizes, local income tax, school building and of course, independence (well - a referendum), all promised but none delivered. No doubt some people would criticise other parties including Labour for the same thing but the fact is the SNP chose to go it alone in the Scottish Parliament, compromise with no one and failed to deliver! What answer have the SNP come up with - forget about all the old promises and come up with some new ones, more ludicrous than the last. If it sounds good just say it, never mind whether it can actually be done. Ian Gray by contrast is more thoughtful. I have always seen this as a quality. I would urge people to look at the policies and then get out there and get this Country moving in the right direction.
Take a look at Sarah Boyack's excellent local website to see the truth about SNP promises.