Monday, November 02, 2009

Saw an interesting page by Ed Miliband today about an article that the Government has had made about climate change. It hits right at the heart of one of the issues I feel most strongly about. As the effects become ever more clear there is still an increasingly desperate sounding group who persist in ridiculing any attempt to do anything about it.Things like wind farms and solar panels can in my view contribute a significant percentage of the worlds energy needs especially if you consider them being on houses and buildings in addition to the farms themselves. As soon as I decide what is the best configuration I will be putting them on my house. And, yes I do like the look of them ! An Admin. Assistant in the Council once told me she thought they looked like 'hope' and I have never forgotten it. Even if we can't reverse the trends global warming what harm does it do to clean up the atmosphere? It reminds me of the interminable arguments about the link between smoking and cancer. The time for discussion is past, we need action now , and quickly.

Anyway here is what Ed says on the link and watch the advert.

'As part of an effort to raise peoples’ awareness of man-made climate change and what we can all do about it, the government had this advert made.Now, whipped up by the sceptics, nearly six hundred people have complained about it in a bid to get it banned.We need to show that the climate change sceptics are a tiny, if vocal, minority and that action to make the public aware of climate change has real public support.Sign up to Ed Miliband's campaign at '