Friday, April 17, 2009

In spite of it being a fortnights holiday from the school (in my case of course that is just an opportunity to concentrate on Council work) it has been very busy. The running theme seems to have been participation in things in the local area so it is only right that I do what I can by putting them up here on my blog to encourage people to get involved.

A couple of 'spring cleans' to start with -

Dalry Community Park Spring Clean - on Sat 18th Apr. Volunteers will meet at St. Martin’s Church at 14:00 and then make their way to the nearby Community Park.

Dalry Colonies Spring Clean - on Sunday the 26th April 2009 at 1300 hours.

Last week I attended a very interesting public meeting in St Brides (Orwell Terrace) organised by the Edinburgh Community Backgreens association (ECBA). Although they have been going for a few years now very limited funding has meant they have had to consolidate the few sites they had already started (one in the Wheatfields and one in Dalry). Successful bids for additional funding this year have meant that they can now look at expanding to new sites.

The idea is a simple one, in areas where the backgreens have fallen into disuse and become overgrown residents can choose to put these backgreens together and organise them as a single resource. Look at their website for a full explanation of how it can work. I have been involved with this from the start and fought , back when I was Councillor for Shandon , to get the first pilot up and running in the Wheatfields. The initiative and startup funding came from Dunedin Canmore Housing Association with an additional grant (pushed through by me) from the Council's 'Local Development Committee'. I am really pleased to see the project picking up in this way and if anyone knows of backgreens that would benefit from this project or would like to participate through Grow Your Own courses or clean up days then click on the website for details.

Lastly and on the same theme I have had various meetings with the new Friends of Saughton Park. In their own words .....

We are a group of people who are dedicated to improving the facilities and amenities in Saughton Park for the benefit of the whole community. We want to see the park returned to its former position as the jewel in the crown of this area and make it a place for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to join us you can do so by completing the form on the contact us page of our website or by contacting the secretary on 0131 443 1007.

I was inolved in starting up the Friends of Harrison Park when I was Councillor for Shandon and this has gone from strength to strength making a real difference. I would urge therefore local people to sign up and get involved. You can tell I love Saughton Park as I have it on my banner at the top of this blog.